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This program is designed to entice teens to read. In order to engage their interest and to provide a spur to critical thinking, the book selections include those that involve sensitive issues. The recognize that this is a voluntary reading program. Not every book selected will suit every student. In a democratic society, a variety of ideas must find voice. As readers, teens have the choice to read the more mature titles or to close the book.

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All We Have Left Picture

- Wendy Mills -
Sixteen-year-old Jesse's brother died on 9/11 in the Towers. She was only two and it seems as though all of the memories of Travis died when he did. Surely, dying isn't the most important thing about his life. Sixteen-year-old Alia is Muslim and her parents just grounded her. She is headed to her dad's office on September 11, 2001 to discuss the situation, even if it means she'll be late to school. The background story is on the news. The real story is Jesse finally learning what happened there and how that impacts her life now.

The Darkest Corners Picture

- Kara Thomas -
One lie told by two little girls who were almost certain that their neighbor had to be the Ohio River Monster. That’s all it took to convict Wyatt Stokes. Tessa and Callie have gone their separate ways and never talked about the trial. Now Tessa has to return to her hometown and another body is found that bears the mark of the serial killer they thought was behind bars. What if they were wrong? What if the killer is still at large? What if things aren’t always what they seem? Don’t read this one before bed.

The Geeks Guide Picture

- Sarvenaz Tash -
Graham and his best friend, Roxy, are uber geeks. They’ve been best friends since they were eight, bonding over Harry Potter. They’ve joined a lot more fandoms since then, but their true love is for The Chronicles of Althena, The Greatest Comic Ever- the one that inspired them to make their own comics. They’ve never gotten to meet the creator, because he’s a J.D. Salinger-level recluse. But they get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to score tickets, and it will provide the most perfectly epic setting for Graham to confess his true feelings to Roxy…if he can pull it off. If you’ve ever slaved for hours on the perfect cosplay or cried way too much over fictional characters, this book is for you!

Highly Illogical Behavior Picture

- John Corey Whaley -
Do you sometimes wish that you could stay at home and never, ever, go out? For Solomon, the only way to control his agoraphobia is to stay inside and avoid any contact with “the outside.” But what happens if the outside comes in? Solomon’s carefully developed rational behavior will be put to a test when a very determined “outsider” enters his world and brings a friend and a hidden agenda. This book portrays both the difficulties and the life-changing effects of fighting for relationships that are worthy.

Holding Up the Universe Picture

- Jennifer Niven -
Libby Strout lost her mother unexpectedly when she was ten years old. She ate her grief away, becoming morbidly obese and a social media spectacle. Jack Masselin is a popular guy, with lots of cool friends, but he’s working hard to hide a secret: he can’t recognize any of them from day to day as the result of a neurological condition that causes facial blindness. Jack and Libby’s worlds intersect after a bullying incident, and their resulting relationship ultimately enriches both their lives in surprising and wonderful ways.

Kids of Appetite Picture

- David Arnold -
When Victor Benucci’s father dies, Victor receives an urn with his father’s ashes and a list in it. He meets a group of kids who become the Kids of Appetite (KoA) and help Vic go to all the places on his father’s list and spread the ashes. One of the KoA, Madeline (Mad) has a troubled past. Mad’s uncle is murdered and she and Vic are picked up by the police. Kids of Appetite is the story that takes place between the death of Vic’s father and the murder of Mad’s uncle. Read KoA and meet all of the Kids of Appetite.

Learning to Swear in America Picture

- Katie Kennedy -
An asteroid is hurtling toward California. Yuri, a Russian physics genius, has been called to NASA because he is working on a project with antimatter that could win him the Nobel Prize. But Yuri is 17 and can’t make older scientists understand how to save the world. Then he meets Dovie, an edgy teen who takes him on an adventure and shows him the world is worth saving.

My Lady Jane Picture

- Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows -
If you want to read the true story of Lady Jane Grey, cousin to the king in 16th century England, check a history book or Wikipedia. But if you want to read a hilarious, ridiculous, and delightful story of a reluctant bride who becomes a reluctant queen in a world where some people may or may not have the ability to shapeshift into animals, then give this book a try. My Lady Jane is a lighthearted historical comedy, perfect for Anglophiles who don’t take themselves too seriously or fans of The Princess Bride or Monty Python. Caution: contains puns, ferrets, and alternate history.

Rebel of the Sands Picture

- Alwyn Hamilton -
Amani Al’Hiza is an expert gunslinger willing to risk everything to escape her desert nation of Miraji. With an uncanny ability to weasel out of trouble, she finds her strength with the aid of a mythical horse and a foreign fugitive. Nonstop action, homage to the Wild West, Hindu lore, Arabian Nights, Navajo mythology, and steampunk combine for a wild ride into the heart of the rebellion of the reigning Sultan.

Salt to the Sea Picture

- Ruby Sepetys -
The paths of four teenagers from different homelands converge during their escape from the violence of WWII. Follow their journey in this rich historical fiction novel as it retells one of the greatest and least known maritime tragedies of this time through the eyes of these diverse characters.

Samurai Rising Pictures

- Pamela S. Turner -
Minamoto Yishune, born into a powerful samurai family, barely survives his violent childhood when his family is torn apart by a war of his father’s making. The new ruling family sends him away to a monastery to reduce Minamoto as a possible threat to their power. Instead, Minamoto becomes one of the most daring and heroic samurais in Japanese history, executing unbelievable feats of bravery. This is the stuff of legends.

Scythe Picture

- Neal Shusterman -
Scythe is a science fiction book set in the future where the human population is immortal. The only way to die is to be randomly killed or gleaned by professional reapers known as “scythes.” Citra and Rowan are two teenagers who have been selected to apprentice as scythes. They must learn the art of killing and understand the need. But, in a twist of fate, only one will be chosen to become a scythe and the winner will have to glean the loser.

The Serpent King Picture

- Jeff Zentner -
For fans of John Green and Stephen Chbosky, Jeff Zentner’s debut novel, The Serpent King, provides a close look at the life of three friends in rural Tennessee. Dill, Travis, and Lydia are all very different, but bound together by the strength of their friendship. Dill’s family scandal is on display for the entire town when his father ends up in jail. His friends are his lifeline, but graduation is coming; will it set them free from the constricts of small-town life or cause their close-knit friendship to splinter? This beautiful, funny, yet sometimes heartbreaking book endears the characters to the heart of every reader and provides a realistic glimpse into what it truly means to be a friend. 

Tell Me Three Things Picture

- Julie Buxbaum -
Jessie’s mom died two years ago, and now her father has eloped with a woman he met online. He is moving Jessie across the country to LA where the new stepmom lives. She also gets a new stuck-up stepbrother who has zero interest in helping Jessie adjust to life in her new rich-kid school. Yay. Things seem to be falling in place for Jessie’s worst year yet when she gets an email from “Somebody/Nobody” offering to help her navigate life in LA/her new school. Is this a joke, or an actual offer of help? S/N seems to be helpful, and Jessie starts to wonder what it would be like to meet this mystery person.

Three Dark Crowns

- Kenndare Blake -
On the island of Fennbirn, every generation brings with it a set of female triplets, all equal heirs to the throne, and each with her own magical abilities. Mirabella can spark flames or conjure up storms. Katherine can ingest poison without fear of death. Arsinoe has control over all natural elements like plants and animals. The three sisters must fight to prove who is most worthy of being crowned queen, so who is the strongest and who will perish and at the hands of her own sister?

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